Common Kinds Of Engagement Ring Repairs You May Need Over Time

Common Kinds Of Engagement Ring Repairs You May Need Over Time

Common Kinds Of Engagement Ring Repairs You May Need Over Time

16 August 2021
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Getting engaged is a major milestone for many people. It goes without saying that you will wear your engagement ring daily and treat it with the utmost care. Nonetheless, even the most cautious ring wearers will have to contend with some sort of damage down the road, and this is not uncommon.

Typically, daily tasks such as doing the dishes, cooking, washing your hands or even snuggling under your favourite blanket can cause damage to this piece of jewellery. However, rather than choose to attempt to repair your engagement ring on your own, you must seek professional engagement repairs from a certified jeweller. Below are a few of the common kinds of engagement ring repairs that you may need over time.

The prongs are damaged

As long as your engagement ring has a precious stone, you will likely have to deal with the prongs securing the stone in place getting snagged on multiple types of fabric. After taking the shower, a prion may get caught on your towel. When putting on your clothes, a prong could get caught on the fabric. Even while sleeping, a prong can snag on your beddings. This constant snagging will loosen the various prongs and they will pull away from the stone.

Left unchecked, you could end up losing the centrepiece of your engagement ring, the gem itself. You should seek engagement ring repairs as soon as these prongs start becoming troublesome. An experienced jeweller will assess the prong and determine whether it can be adjusted back into place or if re-tipping all the prongs would be a better solution so that they do not get caught on fabrics. Alternatively, if the damage is severe, replacing the affected prongs will be the best course of action.

The stone has come loose

As aforementioned, once one or more prongs get damaged, the stone they are holding in place will come loose and this puts it at risk of detaching from the engagement ting altogether. But this is not the only reason why you may need stone replacement. In some scenarios, your finger may have been exposed to an extreme force that knocks the gemstone out of place while simultaneously damaging the prongs.

It is vital to see a jeweller for immediate repairs for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you could end up losing the gemstone the longer it stays loose on the engagement ring, and it will be expensive to replace it. On the other hand, the stone may be in your possession, but it has acquired a few chips or a crack. Seeking engagement ring repairs is prudent so that these impairments are attended to before they render your gemstone useless.  

To learn more about engagement ring repair, contact a local jewellery store.

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